Woodbine Street

Professional ProTools Recording Studio

Blending traditional techniques with the latest innovations to achieve a sound that is perfect for the digital age.

Why Choose Woodbine Street?

Woodbine is one of the UK’s best and longest established independent studios. If you have a budget for a project, we will try to work with it – please contact us! We’ve worked with most music genres and have a wealth of experience. With our great combination of equipment, room acoustics, accurate monitoring and professionalism, your recordings could not be in safer hands.

world class mixing, mastering and production

Stop searching! You’ve hit on the best studio for sound and good value. You’ll feel comfortable, creative and the results will be as you dreamed.

If you recorded elsewhere but need world class mixing and mastering, send us the files and we’ll do the rest!

We’re musicians too and can add drums, bass, guitars and keys, (even BVs!), if needed. We have the skills and tools to help you create brilliant finished songs, as you want them.

Our speciality: making the sound in your head a reality!

Just Added: WA-CX12 audiophile valve mic and WA273EQ Neve style mic pre with EQ. Latest Mac Studio computer, Avid HDX chassis, new storage & thunderbolt hub.

Please go to the Music, Live Recordings or Solo Artist’s pages to hear a small selection of our work .


John has evolved a unique system which has enabled us to make very well received masters for CD, vinyl and streaming. Our very happy clients love our efficiency and cost effectiveness. On a typical LP we will supply a DDP master and iTunes+ copies with all meta data encoded.

 Comments on a recent master:  Spiritualized ‎– ‘Fucked Up Inside’ 

· Jonny Mattock was on the FB this morning highly praising the remaster by John Rivers, so it seems to be defo a new version.

· Bought one on Saturday, my only RSD purchase, …… and most importantly it sounds great, very pleased with it. 

· …..an exact replica of the original pressing but the overall sound has more depth and a fuller sound.  

· The FUI remaster is really excellent…really powerful and very dynamic, so the quiet/loud bits are absolutely excellent. I was worried that Mr SpaceAge might simply ‘turn it up to  11’ and enter a weapons grade remaster into the loudness wars. It is beautifully done.