studio and control room

Woodbine Street has a warm, welcoming ambience that helps you feel relaxed and confident ensuring the best possible performance.

The Control Room

Our control room is based around an Audient ASP 8024 mixing desk and Pro Tools HDX, full 24 in / out.

We have available a selection of vintage transformers and valve mic-pre’s for that analogue crunch and the Audient’s own mic pre’s for a super Hi-Fi sound.

Our main monitor speakers are flush mounted Eve SC3010s…2600Watts of stunning realism that guide your ears with accuracy and inspiration. See the equipment page for details of our alternative monitors which combined with the control room’s accurate acoustics, ensures our mixes will sound as good as possible on anything from a laptop to a club system.

We have an excellent selection of outboard gear, a well stocked mic cupboard, a very, very large collection of creative plugins…all fully up to date and 100% legal. Also a multi gigabyte sample library.

The Live Rooms

The main area is a versatile 31m2 and has a warm inviting feel. which includes a dead area for amp isolation, very close vocals etc. Designed and built from the ground up by John, the natural ambience allows us to achieve excellent results recording not only drums, guitars and voice but also brass, strings and choirs.

Conditioned mains power ensures that your instruments and amps sound as good as possible with no mains borne noise. Silent ventilation keeps even the hottest sessions comfortable. Custom talkback and 4 individual foldback mixes ensure absolute confidence during tracking.

The Drum Room

The isolated 13.6m2 wood panelled drum room, with our special back wall, gives a very versatile drum sound with real kick in the low end. The inverted pyramid ceiling and diffusers ensure a fast, even reverb. This and our knowledge of drum miking and tuning gives consistently excellent sounds.

This room is also excellent for backing vocals, acoustic instruments and Hammond Leslie cab.