Swell Maps: Trip to Marineville & Jane From Occupied Europe (Plus all singles)

The Specials: Ghostown

Fun Boy Three: The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

Special AKA: In the Studio

Felt: Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty, The Splendour of Fear, Forever Breathes the Lonely Word

Felt: Penelope Tree & Sunlight Bathe the Golden Glow

Eyeless in Gaza: Caught in Flux, Drumming the Beating Heart, Photographs as Memories & Rust Red September

The Pastels: Truck Train Tractor & Crawl Babies SPs & Up for a Bit With the Pastels

David J: I’ll be Your Chauffeur (#1 Billboard Modern Rock Chart) also tracks from Songs From Another Season

Love & Rockets: Ball of Confusion (Gold Disc): 7th Dream of Teenage Heaven & Kundelini Express LPs / Here Comes the Bubble Men & all singles from this period.

Jazz Butcher: Bohemia, Sex and Travel & Distressed Gentlefolk

Dead Can Dance: Spleen & Ideal, Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, Serpent’s Egg

Daniel Ash: This Love (#20 in America Hot 100) and Sweet Little Liar (from first solo LP)

Daniel Ash: Foolish Thing Desire SP & LP

Xymox: Blind Hearts [#1 – US import chart]

The Loft: Up the Hill and Down the Slope

Darkside: High Rise Love, Waiting for the Angels

The Dylans: Godlike

Balaam & the Angel: World of Light, Love Me, Day & Night

Sweet Jesus: Albino Ballerina [Single of the week MM]

These Immortal Souls: I’m Never Gonna Die Again

Nikki Sudden: Texas, Groove, Treasure Island & The Truth Doesn’t Matter – LPs

Close Lobsters: Foxheads Stalk This Land LP

Anaamika: [Bhungra LP…#1 in Indian LP chart] Anonymous LP

Anthony Thistlethwaite (Ex Waterboys): Easop Wrote a Fable, Cartwheels LPs

Ultramarine: Kingdom [Single of the week / MM] EP

Ultramarine: United Kingdoms LP

Jacobites: Howling Good Times LP

Denim: Denim on Ice LP

Dr Robert, (ex Blowmonkeys): Realms of Gold LP

Uresei Yatsura: We Are Uresei Yatsura LP

Ocean Colour Scene: B sides, Seasides and Freerides LP [For which Gold Disc received]

Ocean Colour Scene: 3 tracks on B side of You’ve Got it Bad SP

Ocean Colour Scene: Music for Ionica TV advert.

Buzzcocks: Modern, Flat-Pack Philosophy LPs

Piano Magic: Artists Rifles LP

The Chameleons: Why Call it Anything LP

Piano Magic: Tracks on Writers Without Homes LP & Soundtrack to Lunas Bigas film, Son De Mar.

L’Ame Imortelle: (Austria) LPs

SOPOR Aeternus: (Germany) LPs

Whispers in the Shadows: (Austria) Mixing two LPs

Persephone: (Germany) Mixing and overdubbing 3 LPs

Ray: First Light, Deep Blue Happy, Daylight in the Darkroom, Death In Fiction

Ocean Colour Scene: On The Ley Line LP

In Expectation of the Thaw: New work by Rhett Brewer. Recorded in Finland and Woodbine featuring The Tampere Philharmonic orchestra. More recently live concert at Royal Albert Hall featuring The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

Go Kart Mozart: On the Hot Dog Streets

Cakehole Presley: In the Used to Be (LP of the year, Cardiff music awards)

Champion Doug Veitch: 4 track EP

The Moon Birds: Singles and EP

Army of Skanks: Mixed their LP

Martian Social Club: EP

The Nightingales: Mind Over Matter

Matthew Edwards and The Unfortunates: Folklore

Steamchicken: Look Both Ways

Satsangi: You Saw Something

Heronimus Fin: The Pharmacist

The Nightingales with Vic Godard: Commercial Suicide

Matthew Edwards and The Unfortunates: Birmingham Poets

Wolcensmen: Fire in the White Stone

…there’s almost certainly more….forgive, this page can be sporadic